4 Tactics for Making Your New Business Seem More Established

First impressions are crucial. And in an age that’s more technically savvy and visually-minded than ever before, first impressions can make or break a budding new business. People begin to form opinions about your business within the first few seconds of interaction, whether they’re looking at your business card, visiting your website or passing by your storefront. […]

5 Key Elements Every Small Business Website Should Have

Incorporate these five important website elements into your site to build an online presence that brings customers directly to your business, no matter where they are located. Your business may be small, but a business website is no longer optional — even if you serve a local customer base, and have no intentions of selling your […]

Virtual Offices and Trending Ways of Running a Business at Low Cost

Why break the bank to rent office space when you can have one for just NGN100,000 per annum? The significance of a virtual office in the life of every startup cannot be over emphasized in fact; it is boldly advertised in this short story of a young entrepreneur. As a fresher, he had his whole […]