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March 1, 2017

Virtual Offices and Trending Ways of Running a Business at Low Cost

Why break the bank to rent office space when you can have one for just NGN100,000 per annum?

The significance of a virtual office in the life of every startup cannot be over emphasized in fact; it is boldly advertised in this short story of a young entrepreneur. As a fresher, he had his whole business life ahead of him with a great idea he pitches to anyone who cares to listen.

As a smart man, he used his friends’ workplace as his business address as so many young entrepreneurs would do without envisaging the damning consequence. While he goes around submitting business proposals to government agencies and searching for clients from every corner, he had no clue when the biggest opportunity of a lifetime will come knocking. The young entrepreneur used his friends’ office for correspondence, and occasionally meets with prospects when the friend’s boss is out of town.

A precarious arrangement it was, because when he finally got the attention of one of the top government agencies in Nigeria for a contract worth millions in Naira he never imagined due diligence will be carried out. When they came for sighting, the Managing Director of the firm was on seat. The dilemma was; how to tell the owner of the company where his friend works to leave while he acts as the Chief Executive Officer and that is how the cookies crumbled.

Simple lesson, there are alternatives to working from a café, restaurants, or any fixed location. There are more effective and efficient modern ways businesses can operate without tying down huge capital in rent. Virtual Office is the modern way of working as a business. It does not only save the business money, it also affords the startup operator time flexibility to concentrate in getting clients. Your business gets to benefit with; prestigious business address, mail handling system, lobby listing, use of boardroom for meetings and administrative support.

There are many of such businesses in Nigeria; you can check savvyinstantoffices.com for more information on how to get your business signed up virtual office.

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