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June 29, 2016

Benefits of a Savvy Instant Offices’ Virtual Office packages

Almost any business or professional can use virtual assistance to gain access to a multi-skilled talent pool, reduce operating costs and improve business efficiency. However, those who would benefit most by creating a Virtual Office are thriving businesses with high growth potential but little time to exploit those opportunities.

So startups, multinationals and entrepreneurs this is what you benefit from using a Virtual Office:

  • One-stop shop: All 3 critical business support functions – Admin assistance, IT and Research under one roof, making coordination simple
  • Customized solutions: Highly Flexible and customized model where you can create your own virtual team with the required skill set and roles and responsibilities
  • Convenience of having 24 X 5 real time and offline back office assistance on a regular basis or on-demand.
  • Data confidentiality: All legal and contractual and IT safeguards in place to ensure the security of your data.
  • Access to multi-tasking VA team: Qualified and trained team of English-speaking virtual assistants.
  • Ease of team management: No administrative hassles of managing employee salaries, benefits, office space and infrastructure, discipline, absenteeism and performance appraisals etc.
  • Training: We will collaborate with you to train our team on your company processes and procedures so they seamlessly work as an extension of your office team.
  • Single Point of Contact: Our Project Coordinators will communicate with you, understand your requirements, monitor the team work and ensure client satisfaction.
  • Cost optimization: You can benefit from economy of scale by having a large team which becomes an extension of your team
  • Lean management: Enables business continuity and hedges risks in a volatile business environment. You can expand and contract your team as per your business demand, thus ensuring cost rationalization.
  • Choice of Communication system: You can decide how you want to communicate – email, phone, video conference or any internal system that you use.
  • Customer focus: Our Delivery, Quality and Employee Review processes revolve around customer satisfaction

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