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February 5, 2018

The perfect office location! Why?

Oftentimes, the first thing considered when starting a business is the location of operation. Some look around for office spaces, some start by using their homes, some others operate out of coffee shops, hotel lobbies and restaurants. Some even go as far as operating out of their cars.

Recent studies have shown that the percentage of those that rent an office space at the start of their business is minimal compared to those that operate outside the office. Why is this?

The cost implications that come with renting an office space is the main reason why most startups would rather work from home or public places (lease, furniture, overheads, power, cleaning and internet).

The inherent problem here, of course, is that a startup business often doesn’t have the kind of cash at hand to fund an office space. Convenient as it may seem, working from home or public places is not the best solution to minimizing cost and working effectively.

Below is a list of reasons why working from home/public places can be a no-no, followed by popular alternatives.

  1. Distractions

The side distractions that come with working from home (baby crying, television, family members, dog barking, etc.) or the bustling noise at the coffee shop, hotel lobby or restaurant would divert your attention and lead to inefficiency. This will prevent you from reaching your set goals, and your business will ultimately suffer

  1. Meetings

At one point or the other in your business, you are going to have face-to-face meetings with clients. Having these meetings at home can be very awkward and unprofessional. The potential client would definitely have his doubts after this meeting no matter how much value you are offering him.

You might also decide to hold the meeting in a public place, but is that really enhancing your professional image? These places tend to be noisy, busy, relatively dirty and most importantly, they offer no privacy to discuss confidential business matters.

How can you ensure a positive outcome for a business meeting, when you cannot predict if you’ll get a decent seat at a clean table, have consistent Wi-Fi service or be void of distractions?

  1. Professionalism and Image

How you present yourself to your clients and workers is very important to your business image.

It’s hard to maintain a truly professional business image when your working environment is very unstable. Working in a clean, organized and controlled environment helps increase your productivity while building a professional image.

  1. Business Address

Generally, people who work from home tend to be uncomfortable with publicly disclosing their home address.  That’s totally understandable, especially when considering security and privacy issues.  In addition, using a home address for business could make your brand appear unprofessional and small in operation.

Nowadays, there are alternatives to the fixed office spaces that provide you with all the professional benefits. These alternatives are very flexible and cost effective.

  • Co-Working and Shared Offices

Co-working and shared office centers are gradually taking over the corporate world, with very flexible and cost effective plans. These co-working centers, such as Savvy Instant Offices in Central Abuja do virtually everything for you.

You can choose from fully furnished offices and desks that can be rented on a daily/monthly/yearly basis.  Co-working gives you hassle-free office amenities, including Wi-Fi, printers, security, office cleaning, access to boardroom and many other benefits.  All are offered on a cost-effective, flexible, no long-term commitment basis.

  • Virtual Offices

A virtual office offers all the comforts of a traditional office, excluding the physical office space. It is ideal for those who have a start-up business, travel frequently or do not require the physical office space.

Savvy Virtual Offices offer you the right professional image for your business with a prime business address, Lobby Listing, Call and Mail Handling, Access to boardroom and Professional Receptionist services. You get all these and more from the comfort of your home.






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