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November 17, 2015

SIO: Use Video Conferencing For Your Meetings And Get More Done !!!

We understand nothing beats face to face  interactions with your partners , customers or colleagues. Businesses or Organisations will have to travel to meet business partners, attend board meetings etc..

These questions come up…

Have you thought of the  availability & ease of use with video conferencing facility?

Do you want to calculate the number of trips taken annually?


It is very clear that video conferencing is such an attractive alternative. Video conferencing facility increases productivity, because we have identified that lack of face to face communication can cause misunderstanding within partners, team or customers. Individuals in distant locations can participate on short notice, saving time, money and eliminating long distance journeys. Also video conferencing keeps participants alert and focused on what is discussed. As a result, projects are completed faster which yields to increase in productivity.

Savvy Instant Offices we understand that we can help businesses and organisations measure fast, significant and measurable returns on investments.

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