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August 2, 2019

Still working from home?

Working from home at least once a week is gradually becoming an habit for most Nigerians, and the temptation to ditch the office completely is proving inviting to many.

However, becoming isolated at home away from other people all of the time could be potentially detrimental to your health and mental well-being. It could also inhibit productivity as well as the possibility of forming new business relationships that can strengthen your business in the future.

Having access to a flexible office provider like Savvy Instant Offices is one way of establishing an effective middle ground where staff can work independently in a serene and social environment with all the necessary tools required to do the job away from the distractions at home.

There are certainly many benefits of a flexible work space over working from home:


Lots of new business owners were previous employees of larger corporations before deciding to take the plunge. Moving from a busy office to your study room at home may seem cheap and ideal, but it eventually becomes an isolating and a boring experience.

Having access to a flexible work space offers you an individual space to help you stay focused and connect with other like-minded people.

Collaboration within the Community


Collaboration is the new norm for startups and sme’s in recent times. Why worry about developing your website or creating amazing promotional designs when there is a developer and a graphics designer in the same work space.


Working from home can be distracting unless you have the highest level of discipline. Working from home effectively would definitely require a separate space like an office to be created and maintained to achieve that working atmosphere.

Why go through such stress when a flexible work space would typically offer you high speed internet, serviced offices, meeting rooms and much more at a significantly reduced cost outlay than setting one up for yourself.


With a flexible work space, all the little things are taken care of. Reception and administrative support keeps your business running even in your absence and these are services you cannot get when working from home.

Professor Ade of Ferab Hilltop Learning Centre is located at the Savvy Instant Office in Abuja, Nigeria and one of the benefits he always enjoys is the ability to meet his clients in a professional environment as this has boosted the confidence they have in his business compared to the days he ran his company from his residential address.

Similarly, Dr Joshua of FP Cape also located at the Savvy Instant Office in Abuja, credits Savvy Instant Offices as one of the main reasons why his team has continued to succeed over the years. He stated that Savvy Instant Offices helped him reduce overhead costs and mitigate risks.

Savvy Instant Offices
Savvy Instant Offices

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