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March 19, 2018

The Ideal Co-working Space for YOU!

Securing an office is one of the first things we consider when starting a business. However, the high cost of leasing a traditional office space could be a put off!  Let’s assume you need to get a space and your start-up budget is very moderate. You then start looking for an affordable space, not minding if you have to share with other people. Now you have found different types of co-working spaces, but there’s still one challenge you’re struggling with. You can’t choose the one that best fits you (and your business).

These days, the co-working sector is becoming so vast with lots of opportunities, that making a perfect choice becomes much harder. Inevitably the subscription cost would be the first factor for consideration, but there are others like the location amenities, ancillary services that should influence your decision. Let’s take a quick look at a few qualities of the ideal co-working space.


You need a good substitute for that coffee shop/ restaurant or home office, so the new location has to be just as comfortable. Consider the size of the space, the degree of privacy and noisiness, quality of furniture and including the shared facilities and restroom cleanliness.  Be very meticulous during the inspection because if anything bothers you now, then it will in the long run sidetrack your attention from important projects.


I know a lot of us would love to work closer to home for our comfort. Nevertheless, don’t get carried away and choose solely by the distance from home. It is highly important to consider your clients and their convenience, because in the end, there can only be business growth if your clients are satisfied. A prime location with easy accessibility to amenities and proximity to major landmarks in the city will score highly with your clients.


The aesthetic and general outlook of a co-working space may not provide the full picture of what amenities are on offer. Therefore, you have to ensure you ask all the right questions about the amenities that come with the space when you undertake a viewing. It is important that the facility ticks all the boxes on the basic amenities required in an office. Internet availability and speed, power supply, breakout area, relaxation lounge and any other amenity you would need for your business.


Some businesses by the nature of their operations require frequent out of hours and overnight working. Obtaining advance information about opening hours and access arrangement is advisable. Preferably to settle for a co-working space that is open 24/7 and guarantees unrestricted access to give you maximum facility. You also have to make sure that the space is secure enough to leave your work overnight, so check what the security protocols are and if they fit your needs.



Our environment greatly impacts your productivity. The Savvy Hub, with all the above listed ticked, is a productivity boosting place for start-ups and entrepreneurs. Not only does it save you time in the hunt for an office, it provides flexibility on a very affordable price plan. That way, you don’t have to break the bank to work effectively and professionally.

Want to take a tour to tick off all the above listed specifications? Let us know!


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