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February 16, 2017

3 Basic steps to promoting your business on Social Media

You have a small business and you haven’t bought into the social media frenzy? Guess what? Inaction is no longer an option. People are online talking about your business as you read this, whether you like or not. If you don’t engage in the conversation, you risk losing your customers or worst still, your business being misrepresented.

Here are some basic guidelines for announcing your presence on Social Media. We hope it helps you with your online Social Media strategy.

1. Define your offerings: The first step you should take before engaging in online marketing or social media marketing and engagement is to look at what are you are trying to promote. What are your offerings? Who are your target customers? It may seem obvious to you but you need to make them clear to the target audience.

2. Sign-up for Social Media: That is if you don’t already have one. It is now unusual to find someone without a presence on one of the many social platforms. To name a few, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn are the most popular but there are many others. For instance, Facebook allows you to create a business page from your personal account Make sure you read the rules for businesses first. Others follow a similar pattern and they all offer free sign up.

3. Find a Social Media Manager: Managing multiple social networks is daunting. So, before you start posting content, requesting friends and adding followers, it is advisable to engage a Social Media Manager who will be responsible for deploying your strategy and ensuring that your business is projected in the right manner to the world.

Please share your Social Media experiences with us.

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