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July 12, 2022



As the capital city of Nigeria, Abuja is home to several freelancers and startups.  No surprise there. After all, it is one of the few purpose-built cities on the continent.
Granted, the capital has its fair share of downsides. It is not unusual to witness power interruption, bad roads, or a noisy environment. That said, Abuja remains a stronghold for firms.
Being one of the few states with a stable power supply in the country, many find it easier to work. Not to mention the variety of well-developed co-working spaces available for them.
Co-working spaces? Yes! It is the modern office trend where workers from different establishments share a workspace. Such an environment is beneficial to new brands and entrepreneurs looking to leave the comfort of their homes and focus on work.
Abuja is one city that houses a good number of such workspaces. In this article, we’ll discuss five comfy Co-working spaces Abuja. So, let’s cut to the chase.

The top co-working spaces in Abuja


Ruytono offers individuals fully furnished and equipped workspaces at the least possible cost. They aim to provide businesses with comfortable facilities that utilize modern tech and give individuals an environment where they can improve their productivity.


With Savvy, you can get access to a fast optic internet connection, comfortable furniture, and a luxury boardroom. Much like Ruytono, Savvy hopes to provide businesses with an environment where they can flourish. To that end, they have an impressive Co-working space with everything you might need.

  1. HOUSE 72

House 72 is another classic co-working space located in the capital of Nigeria. They provide individuals with an all-in-one comfort package that makes them feel at home. It offers them a serene environment, a boardroom for meetings, and fast-free WiFi.


Are you looking for a quiet and beautiful environment to focus on your work? If so, Ventures Park is for you. It provides freelancers with a workspace that’s just as impressive as the others on the list. It gives them everything they need from business-class printers to drip coffee.


Novare Shared Office is a standard coworking space where “life meets work.” Here, you’ll meet new people, birth new ideas, and grow as an entrepreneur. Novare Shared Office also offers the full office package. And this includes superb internet access, a rooftop chill area, onsite restaurants, and a spacious environment to work.

Where can I get the best co-working space in Abuja?

As seen above, co-working spaces are essential to individuals looking to focus on their work. It rids of the excess home comfort and distractions from a coffee shop. It creates an environment solely for your business purposes.
With the stable supply of power and a comfy environment, many co-working spaces have been established in the capital city. So you don’t need to worry. There are lots more co-working spaces in Abuja for you to choose from. You only need to make your choice and make contact.

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