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May 11, 2022

VIDEO CONFERENCING- A Key Technology For Organizations

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Even better, the human mind is known to pay better attention to visual content. Putting these into consideration, Savvy Instant Offices ensures that you get the message across through high-definition video conferencing. This technology creates the feeling of remote participants being present in a room together. It is a very effective method of transmitting audio-video signals in real-time.

Its benefits range from flexibility and convenience of use. Imagine how comfortable it would be if you could give that demo presentation you have coming up without the usual travel expenses. Here are 3 reasons why you should give video conferencing a shot.

Benefits Of Video Conferencing

1.     Productivity

At Savvy Instant Offices, we ensure you get enough work done through video conferencing. Rather than pass a wrong message across when in-person meetings are not possible, you can avoid miscommunication through video conferencing. Implementing video content will most likely attract the attention of members of the meeting. Unlike when communicating through text content like emails, you get to see the facial expressions of those involved. You can also make real-time presentations.

2.     Reduces Travel Cost

Several organizations and businesses have to make trips to other countries, cities, or states to meet up with business partners. To reduce cost, only representatives are sent on this trip most times. However, you can get the whole team on board when using video conferencing. This way, no participant in the meeting has to be left out due to travel and accommodation expenses. Without having to leave your workspace, you can pass messages across to partners who are over miles away.

3.     Saves Time

Apart from being cost-effective, video conferencing is equally time-effective. You not only cut down on travel expenses but also travel time. Geographical barriers are eliminated in no time.

Bottom Line

Although, in the end, nothing beats face-to-face interactions with those you have business dealings with (i.e. colleagues, partners, customers). However, somewhere along the line, you need to consider answers to some questions such as: How many business trips do you take annually? What do these trips cost? Can a video conferencing facility suffice to handle some expenses? If you discover that some meetings would do better through an online meeting, no doubt video conferencing is the next best thing. At Savvy Instant Offices, we understand how much video conferences can help your business grow. It comes with benefits ranging from empowerment, knowledge sharing, geographical barrier elimination, to improving and maintaining business relationships.

Use video conferencing for your meetings and get more done. Contact us at @savvyinstantoffices.com or call +234 809 569 2233, +234 704 652 0063 to use our conferencing facility. Let us help your business measure a fast, significant, and feasible Return on Investments (ROI) today.

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