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September 16, 2021

Get on the Train

When the pandemic and the resulting lockdown forced companies all over the world to send their employees to work from home, remote work had a big moment. There was a significant rise in flexible working all over the world. Business owners who were already on the flexible working train had nothing to worry about, as transitioning to working from home must have been a flex.

Over the years, flexible working has led to greater productivity, as flexibility has helped employees maintain a good work-life balance and ultimately a happier workplace. Each employee can work from the location that is most convenient and the business is not restricted to hiring employees who live locally. As more people find ways to work remotely, the benefits of a virtual office are immediately noticeable.



Some time ago, my friend from outside town had hopes of expanding her business to create a larger clientele base at little or no cost at all. She thought about getting an office space somewhere in town but I discouraged her because it would involve moving her family from their current location and spending way more than she had budgeted for. I shared the virtual office plan, an idea she smartly jumped on. These were some of the points I made as to why her business needs to get on the flexible working train:

  1. A prime business address.
  2. Flexible offers.
  3. It adds legitimacy to your business
  4. Increase in productivity.
  5. It saves commute time and money.
  6. You have a balanced work life.
  7. You don’t need to relocate.
  8. It saves office space.
  9. It is Eco-friendly.
  10. It makes multitasking easier.

Getting a virtual office plan is often seen as only beneficial to the employer, but it can also have many benefits for the employee. An employee who has a side gig business can sign up to a virtual office plan whilst working their 9 – 5 job. It means they can also take advantage of all the benefits of a virtual office to ultimately grow their business.

The ultimate benefit of a virtual office is having an office plan that offers administrative assistance to your business regardless of your location. You can be based in Lagos and sign up to a virtual office plan in Abuja that serves your business interest in that location.

At Savvy Instant Offices, our virtual office plans are tailored to meet your specific needs as a business owner. You can join our community and get on the train by dialing (+2347046520063 or +2348175999603) or send an email to ().

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