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September 2, 2021

The Power of a Community

Community means different things to people from different walks of life. A community can be bound together by geographical location, common interest, religious beliefs, or values. Having a sense of community unites people, connects them together and helps them achieve a common goal faster.

Do you belong to any community? If yes, does it provide any form of belonging and security?

Community is one key benefit of co-working. As an entrepreneur who enjoys the concept of co-working, I understand that co-working is community and community is co-working. The pandemic forced a lot of us to work from home thereby reducing human interaction. Human interaction has always been an integral part of any community as it helps to foster collaboration and synergy among members.

Most co-working professional understands the importance of collaboration, cooperation, social connection and mutual support within the workplace. A strong co-working community cuts across cultural differences, enables the exchange of knowledge, fosters networking and helps in building friendships. This reminds me of several amazing connections I have made with co-workers in my community.


the community

Back in 2019, I searched on Google for a cool co-working space in my city. I stumbled on one with lovely photos and I liked the location due to its proximity to ancillary services. I visited the facility and was ushered on a tour by a professional team member. On the same day, I signed up as I was so excited to be a part of a community that would grow my network and ultimately my business. My journey in this community has been one hell of a smooth and cozy ride as I have met amazing individuals who freely shared their wealth of experience with me. A co-worker gifted me with a fancy mug during my first week. This shows how much we can benefit from working together as a community.

Are you happy in your present community or yet to join one? I am searching for new friends and co-workers. You can join my community by clicking here. Together we can achieve a lot more.

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