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September 21, 2015

The Business Drawer: Startups and Entrepreneur Challenges. [PART 1]

It is the nightmare of countless entrepreneurs around the world, the major reason several others are developing business-phobia. Only a pinch of a few have ventured and succeeded but not without a strong financial backup.
In February of 2013, a middle aged man narrated a pitiful tale that have prompted my write up. Just like every young Nigerian who is interested in making something out of nothing. Mr. Joseph build a door when opportunity find none to knock on… and he was fortunate to get a government contract worth  millions, but the clay pot was dropped and jaw broken when the agency demand for an address where his business is located and he could not provide any – Mr Joseph was denied the opportunity of a lifetime.
Some may suggest a sharp practice to Mr. Joseph, but in the face of doing the right things, it becomes pertinent that savvy instant office have come up with a more affordable way of owning an office that facilitates, enhance your business capacity and unlocks productivity.
With research; Savvy Instant Offices can provide you with a virtual office, fully furnished executive offices, state of the art board room (with video conferencing), training room for seminars/conferences/workshops and a standby receptionist/administrative support- all this is offered in one building.
Don’t wait to become Mr. Joseph, you may not survive it like he did..
To help you with exceptional office solutions, call us +234 704 652 0063 or visit: www.savvyinstantoffices.com
At Savvy Instant Offices we are ‘YOUR OFFICE ON A PLATE’

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