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September 8, 2015


                              ……….. THE NEW COOL

The urban dictionary defines cool as someone/something that is awesome, neat or well put together. In the Naija context I will say ‘packaged’.  Commonly coined “All na packaging “as most of the Naija folks will say.  Given that this blog post is about Virtual Offices, I would like to focus on the benefits of Virtual Offices to Startups, Consultants, Entrepreneurs, Business Executives, Multinationals, NGOs, Expatriates and you reading this post. Now, the aforementioned would love to look and act ‘packaged’ and what better way to do that than to own a Virtual Office at SAVVY INSTANT OFFICES (SIO), Abuja.
OK let’s break it down…What is a Virtual Office? A Virtual Office provides communication and address services that enables users to cut down Traditional Office costs while maintaining business professionalism. A Virtual Office offers companies the benefits of a Serviced Office environment in prime location but without actually renting the physical space. The basic services are reception services, telephone answering in your companies name by a professional receptionist, lobby listing, mail & fax handling, reception & admin support, just to mention but a few. You get to give your clients a fantastic impression of a prestigious business address in a high profile business district in the Nation’s Capital, Abuja at a fraction of the cost.
For Entrepreneurs, Startups or business owners with a limited budget, an office space with a prestigious address might seem like a dream for you. This is no longer the case as our Virtual Offices at SIO Abuja, allows you to pay a fraction of what you would normally on a lease for an exclusive office.
The benefits of a Virtual Office at SIO are numerous, however for the benefit of the doubting Thomas’s, I capture a few here:

  • A PRESTIGIOUS BUSINESS ADDRESS: For many companies, having a prestigious address in Abuja is a great attraction. With it brings a sense of status. For start-ups, SMEs, people who work from home, or businesses needing an Abuja presence, a Virtual Office at SIO is the perfect solution. Our location at 22 Kumasi Crescent Wuse 2, is easily accessible, in close proximity to the seat of power, Federal Ministries and Parastatal.What’s more, SMEs can boast of their location, allowing them to compete with larger companies who have a physical location. You can create a professional and established feel for your business whilst working from the comfort of your home. Now that is being ‘packaged’, if you agree!
  • REDUCED OPERATING COSTS AND FEWER OVERHEADS: Transport, staff wages, rental costs, office equipment etc all count as operating costs and overheads. These are very high in Abuja. If you do not have enough cash flow to cover them, your business might likely fail. At SIO, we help you save or reduce these costs with our various Virtual Office packages. Our packages have been developed with you in mind and if none suits your specific requirements, we are happy to provide you with a bespoke Virtual Office package.
  • EXPANSION OPPORTUNITIES: SMEs or Multinationals unsure about expanding or venturing into a new territory may consider a Virtual Office at SIO to start with. This helps limit risks and provides the opportunity to ‘test the waters’ prior to settling for a Serviced Office or leasing/owning an office. We can provide you with workers and facilities on a temporary basis for a significantly lower cost than an employee on your payroll full time.
  • FLEXIBLE CONTRACTS: Traditional Office spaces will often require long-term lease agreement, whereas our Virtual Office packages at SIO allows you to sign up for a minimum of 6 months upwards.
  • HELPS BUILD CREDIT: Meeting compliance demands from creditors, lenders and suppliers is not always easy, sometimes you will be refused credit if you work from home or do not have a Traditional Office space. With a Virtual Office at SIO you can register all of your business interest to your Virtual Office address, allowing you to bypass certain legislation relating to your premises.

For years, the visual representation of the working environment has always been a four walled office .To many, this is still the case. While the physical office space has its advantages, times have changed and nowadays technology allows us to run our entire businesses from a computer or in the cloud, making Virtual Offices at SIO the new cool. So what are you waiting for? Become the next ‘packaged’ Entrepreneur! What’s more? Take advantage of our current promos/offers. For just N99,000 per annum, you can have a Virtual Office in Abuja. Yes, and there is no catch to that.
For more information, you can visit our website at www.savvyinstantoffices.com . Call us on +234704 6520063 or send an email to . You can also follow us on our social community like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.

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